School of Destruction Spell Tree

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The School of Destruction is a course of magical study offered by the Mage College on the island of Akavir. Students of this discipline focus on the more destructive and volatile elements of nature. Within the School of Destruction, students may choose any of it's relevant paths. The Path of Fire teaches students to properly control and wield the element of fire, the Path of Electricity instructs it's students on the proper techniques for the efficient use of the element of electricity, and lastly, the Path of Frost teaches it's students to master the elements of frost and ice. Each path within the School of Destruction offers a selection of both offensive and defensive spells so the mage in question can best tailor his/her magical abilities according to their personality and preferences.

Secondary Spell Effects

Secondary Effect of Fire

  • Due to the burning nature of fire, any individuals that have been hurt by a fire based spell will sustain damage over time. The strength of the damage over time effect will coordinate with the power of the spell that the target has been struck with.

Secondary Effect of Electricity

  • If the caster's target has succesfuly sustained damage from an electricity based spell than the effects of such are a draining of mana and stamina. The rate of stamina/mana drain stays relitively constant throughout all of the electricity based spells, regardless of the spell's strength.

Secondary Effect of Frost

  • If the caster's target has sustained damage from a frost based spell than the effects of such are a decrease in physical movement speed. The severity of the loss in movement coordinates with the strength of the spell used against said target.

Destruction Spells

Path of Fire

Rank Spell Name Description Turns to Cast
Novice Cinder A fist sized clump of smouldering matter is generated in the palm of the caster's hand. 1
Apprentice Firebolt The caster forms a throw-able fist sized ball of swirling condensed flames in one hand. 1
Burning Touch The caster's hands are imbued with a fiery essence, causing whatever their hands touch to catch flame. 1
Adept Fireball The caster forms a throw-able concentrated ball of swirling fire about the size of a regular human head. 1
Flaming Armor The caster's entire body is engulfed within a sheet of dense flames about 2 inches in thickness. 2
Expert Flaming Vortex Within a distance of 2 meters from the caster, a mobile vortex of thick swirling flames about the size of a man is generated. 2
Pyrokinesis The caster points towards a flammable target and with a moment of concentration the desired item may be set on fire. This spell does not affect entire individuals. 2
Master Fire Storm A swirling cloud of fire and wind is created, setting everything within it on fire. The size of the storm can spread itself out for about 2-3 meters. 2
Wall of Flames The caster generates a dense wall of fire in a desired location within at least 2 meter of their current position. The wall of flames is about 6 inches in thickness. 2
Ascended Akatosh's Wrath From the caster's body, a sudden and violent explosion of flame and ash is unleashed. The sphere of destruction moves outward (from the caster) for about 5 meters but the intense heat of this spell's flames can still injure someone for an additional 3 meters. All mana is consumed upon use of this spell. 3

Path of Electricity

Rank Spell Name Description Turns to Cast
Novice Sparks A small sphere of crackling electrical energy is generated in one of the caster's hands. 1
Apprentice Electric Pulse The caster must physically touch the object he wishes to cast the spell on. When done so, a strong pulse of electrical energy is channeled through the casters hand and into the target. 1
Excite Through the sacrifice of mana, the caster may increase or super-charge his/her reservoirs of stamina/physical energy; allowing the caster to perform certain tasks with greater ease. 1
Adept Lightning Bolt A bolt of lightning about 1 meter in length is sent hurling from the caster's palm in the direction of his/her choosing. 1
Electric Field The caster's body is surrounded by a dense crackling sheet of electrical energy about 2 inches thick. 2
Expert Electric Chain A fist-sized ball of electric energy is sent forth from the caster's hand in the direction of his/her choosing. If this spell comes in contact with living/organic matter than the effects of this spell will hop to the nearest 2 targets so long as they are within a maximum distance of 2 meters. 2
Energize With the same effects as the Excite spell, Energize will increase the sharpness of the caster's mind significantly as well as increase his actual physical movement. The effects of this spell wear off after about 2 minutes. 2
Master Lightning Storm A dark mobile storm cloud of high speed winds and lightning swirls around at the caster's will. This cloud can reach a size of about 2-3 meters across. 2
Plasma Shield The caster's body is enveloped in a dense sheet of hot swirling plasma about 2 inch in thickness. 2
Ascended Electromagnetic Surge A huge invisible pulse of electrical energy is sent out from the caster for a maximum range of 5 meters that causes bio-electricity within living organisms to increase with such intensity that the organism is left unconscious and possibly brain damaged. The surge is so powerful that fragile objects near by will shatter and torches will be blown out. All mana is consumed with this spell. 3

Path of Frost

Rank Spell Name Description Turns to Cast
Novice Ice Shards The caster generates a clump of hardened ice crystals in one hand. 1
Apprentice Ice Spike A solid shard of ice about a foot in length is propelled from one of the castors hands in the direction of his/her choosing. 1
Cold Embrace The caster's hands are imbued with the essence of frost. Everything that comes within the caster's touch may turn to ice or become frozen. 1
Adept Flurry A small mobile cloud of ice and snow is created in the desired location of the caster. The cloud can only be generated within 3 meters of the caster and is about 1-2 meters across. 1
Ice Shield A shield of ice about 2 inches in thickness is generated on the forearm of the caster's preference. 2
Expert Icy Javelin A solid spike of ice about 1 meter in length is generated and thrown forth from the caster's palm in the direction of his/her choosing. 2
Ice Plating The caster's body is covered in solid sheets of ice plating. 2
Master Blizzard A swirling cloud of ice and snow is created and everything within it's radius has the potential to completely freeze. The size of the storm can spread itself out for about 2-3 meters. 2
Wall of Ice A wall of ice about 6 inches thick and is erected within 2 meters of the caster. The wall of ice stands at about 5 feet tall and a meter wide. 2
Ascended Glacial Prisoner From a designated point within 3 meters of the caster, the designated object is consumed by sub-zero temperatures and is frozen completely solid. After a short pause a sudden burst from the frozen object sends several walls of ice about 2 meters thick outward, further incasing the designated object in ice. All mana is consumed with this spell. 3

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